Sergey Tarutin

Sergey was born in Moscow and graduated as aviation engineering in Moscow. With the introduction of Perestroika and economic reform, he developed an interest in business and moved to London where he studied at the Securities Institute. Sergey spent a number of years in London trading metals before returning to Moscow to work in investment banking.  For more than 10 years, he was involved in non ferrous metal trading, brokerage service on Metals (LME, MNFME, COMEX), FOREX, NASDAQ, NYSE/AMEX), fund managing, Banking and securities.



Has more than 25 years experience in international business and more than 13 years in international marketing and media.


Sergey arrived in Ireland in 1999 and was involved in a number of small businesses.  Initially he opened the first Russian restaurant, Tsar Ivan, and now publishes an ever-increasing number of international newspapers for a rapidly diversifying Irish market.


While still running the restaurant, Sergey recognized a gap in the Irish media market for Russian enterprises to advertise directly to the Russian market. In 2001 he decided to launch Ireland’s first Russian newspaper. The paper grew quickly due to the influx of immigrants and rise in the Irish economy and he soon established Lithuanian and Latvian editions.  

From 2001  Russian newspaper “Nasha Gazeta”  and WEB Portal  Since 2004 – Lithuanian newspaper “Lietuvis”

Since 2006 – Latvian newspaper “Sveiks” Russian Tabloid “Komsomolskaya Pravda” UK & Ireland  World Media Distribution – press distribution service in Ireland and UK

Following new trend in media SSM services on major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, YouTube  together with popular Russian networks,,,


Sergey as publisher and entrepreneur was awarded:

2007 Certificate of Merit from Russian Community in Britain

2009 Certificate of Merit from International Council for Russian Compatriots

2010 Certificate of Merit from Lord Mayor of Dublin

2011 Certificate of Merit from Prime Minister of Russia

2012 MAMA award Dublin (Media multicultural)

In 2012 Sergey published book “Russian in Ireland” .

Sergey involvement in to: Russian Enterprise Centre (East European Business Forum) CEO Director, Irish – Russian Business Association  (IRBA) Press Officer, member of Board, World Association of Russian Press  (WARP) member of Board, European Russian Alliance (ERA) member of Board

For 4 years Sergey was a member of committee for Russian Festival in Dublin





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