Articles and advertising materials also can be placed in printed and electronic media We have connection and good relation with many gloss magazines specialised on international tourism, luxury holidays and shopping. Countries covered: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Czech, Greece, Cyprus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Israel and UAE.

We can organize promotional and introductory tours for tourism writers, editors and contributors in major glossary magazines, top web and electronic media resources including TV, Radio, Internet and social media. The output will be a publication about attractions, Ireland in general with the aim to promote certain places or countries as destinations for incoming tourism.



In early 2014 the only and first Russian language travel guide Discover Ireland will be published. Do not miss opportunities to participate in this unique guide written by our Russian contributor to Irish weekly newspaper “Nasha Gazeta” especially for Russian readers. Articles can be placed in following topics: local attraction, where to stay, where to eat, what to do and interesting places.

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