What to bring

Nowadays it’s possible to find everything in Moscow that you would expect to find in any large city anywhere in the world

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Supporting Documents

It is always wise to have originals and notarised versions of a wide range of documents with

you when you arrive in Moscow.

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Introduction to Russia

Russia is a land of extremes. Even after the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia remains by far the world’s largest country, comprising of over 17 million square kilometres (Canada, by comparison is just under 10 million sq Km, the USA, excluding Alaska, 8 million sq Km) covering 9 time zones and with a population of around 140 million.

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Visas and Work Permits

All visitors to the Russian Federation, including children, require a visa to gain entry to the country. Visas cannot be obtained on entry, so they have to be procured in advance from a Russian consulate based overseas. Russian immigration and visa legislation changes frequently and these changes are both difficult to predict as well as to interpret, post factum.

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