Visas and Work Permits

All visitors to the Russian Federation, including children, require a visa to gain entry to the country. Visas cannot be obtained on entry, so they have to be procured in advance from a Russian consulate based overseas. Russian immigration and visa legislation changes frequently and these changes are both difficult to predict as well as to interpret, post factum.

A Business Visa is no longer an option for a foreigner wishing to live and work in Russia and may only be used to travel to Russia on short-term business visits. Someone wishing to live and work in Russia long-term must be in possession of a Work Visa and to obtain a Work Visa one first has to be granted a Work Permit.

To live and work in Russia, a foreign national requires the following documents:

■ A valid passport (valid for at least 6 months beyond the expiry date of the visa)

■ An appropriate visa (if from a country requiring a visa for entry to Russia)

■ Immigration card (obtainable at point of entry into Russia)

■ Immigration registration (to be completed within 3 working days of arrival)

■ Work Permit (if the purpose of the visit is employment)

Obtaining a Work Permit

In the last two years, the procedure for employing a foreign national in Russia has been greatly simplified, with the introduction of the Highly Qualified Specialist work permit. With the primary criteria being financial, the new system removes many of the strange off-putting demands that used to be made of employers and employees. This subject is dealt with in great detail later in this guide, so we will not dwell on it here.

Commercial Visas

Commercial Visas to enter Russia can be divided into Business and Working Visas.

Business Visa - required if you wish to enter Russia for business purposes:

– Single entry, valid up to 3 months;

– Double entry, valid up 3 months;

– Multiple entry, valid for 1 year.

Work Visa – required if you wish to enter Russia for employment purposes:

– Single entry, valid up to 3 months;

– Double entry, valid up 3 months.

Three month Work Visas are prolonged in Russia for a period of up to 12 months, depending upon the length of validity of the applicant’s Work Permit and can be extended for a further 12 months without having to leave Russia.

Family Visas

Spouses and children of relocating expatriates can apply for visas in the same way as the executive. An ‘Accompanying Spouse Visa’ and/or ‘Dependent’s Visa’ can be obtained at the same time as the expatriate applies for his/ her own visa. Talk with your HR department to make certain that this process is carried out at the same time as your visa application

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