Supporting Documents

It is always wise to have originals and notarised versions of a wide range of documents with

you when you arrive in Moscow.

In general, the most important documents you will need are:

■ Diplomas and Degree Certificates;
■ Birth Certificate;
■ International Medical Insurance;
■ Travel Insurance;
■ International Driving License;
■ Letter from your bank.

If you are planning to work in Russia, you will need an apostiled version of your diploma or degree certificate (apostiled in your home country) in order to obtain a Work Permit. Before traveling to Russia, it is highly advisable that you take out full medical and dental insurance for yourself and all family members

that will cover all medical emergencies and evacuation, if necessary. Western medical treatment in Russia is very expensive, if you are not insured. If you intend to drive whilst in Russia, you should bring an International Driving License with you. By law, persons staying in Russia for less than 180 days can drive with their home country passport, and a notarised translation. Individuals planning to stay more than 180

days are required to obtain a Russian driving license. If you already have a valid license from your home country, it is sufficient to take an exam on driving theory, consisting mainly of multiple choice questions. Do bear in mind, however, that the test is in Russian.

Although rules change frequently, in general the Road Traffic Police (DPS) will accept an international driving license or a notarised copy of your original license, if you are pulled over for one of their frequent document checks.

Your employer in Russia should set up a bank account for you, in order to pay your salary directly. In this case, you will receive a debit card, and probably have access to internet banking. If you wish to open a bank account yourself, it is advisable to have a letter from your home bank, showing how long you have had an account, and that your account is in good standing.

Please note that it is a legal requirement for foreigners to carry with them at all times their passports, visas and registration documents in Russia.


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